Buddhism Vs. Islam

Many people equate Islam with terrorism. This is a gross injustice to the majority of peace loving Muslims. 

We have all heard this sentiment being expressed in news and social media worldwide. In the main it is absolutely correct. However it fails to take in to account the often ignored ‘grey areas’. Many people in the Muslim world have no hope to elevate themselves out of poverty. Their children have little to no hope of doing so, either. They live very hard lives and in the most extreme countries entertainment open to us, is limited or outright banned. For these people, they simply have God and the state. These are often intermingled, so public beheading’s in Saudi Arabia become a must see day out! Stoning’s under the Taliban were fairly popular in Afghanistan for a while. So whilst most people who follow Islam are peaceful, there are a significant amount of people world-wide who are open to hate mongering; unfortunately they often end up supporting it.



This is no different in primarily Buddhist countries. There has been a war/insurgency in the Thai deep south for two decades. In Myanmar the Buddhist Arakanese and the Muslim Rohingya’s have an ongoing disagreement. In fact Rohingya people can now actually be found in refugee camps, after being systematically forced from their homes. This battle is also very evident in India. We must mention that the Sikh and Hindu religions are just as popular here as Buddhism. The one thing they all have in common is their loathing of Muslims. Vicious attacks on the grounds of faith are nothing new here. Muslims entering a hotel and murdering people with sub-machine guns. Other religions clearing out the poor people’s ghettos and murdering and burning Muslim’s. A poignant scene from the film ‘slumdog millionaire’ perfectly shows this in all its horrific glory. 


When Asia can come together and forget about religion, then Asia can and will become the new world power. Until then, sadly we are doomed to play second fiddle to others!