Mauritius Parliament Dissolved

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The Mauritian parliament got dissolved last October 6, 201. This may pave way into changes made for the country’s constitution. The Labor party wanted remove the power of the president which is now considered a ceremonial position. The ruling party wanted to separate the power of the Prime Minister and the president. This is hard for the country because of the necessity to undergo changes in the constitution.

Mauritian President Kailash Purryag led the dissolving of Parliament before the country’s national elections. He made such announcement in the National Assembly which surprised its citizens over the statement released by president. The dissolving of the parliamentary was agreed by the Prime Minister Navinchandra Ramgoolam and the head of the opposition party Mouvement Militant Mauricen (MMM) party. There were a couple of key agreements in the resolution between two parties. One of the crucial agreements is when one party wins the election, they are supposed to pass a bill which will make the direct election of the president legal. The direct election of the president fulfills the ability of that leader to only be a ceremonial position. Mauritius is expected to conduct its elections in the next six months although some political leaders are expecting it to be happening earlier.

Prime Minister Ramgoolam vies for the presidential spot in the next elections. Under the current constitution, presidents are elected through the Mauritius parliamentary. In addition to the agreement that happened between the opposition party and the current ruling party, there is a newly formed coalition Alliance Lepep. The coalition is led by the former president Anerood Jugnauth. This will further improve the political system in the island near Indian Ocean. According to political analyst, Jocelyn Chan Low, it is crucial for the two biggest groups to strengthen its alliances in order to win the upcoming elections.

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